Wow, I just think my new niece is totally amazing!!! Ok, she’s my great niece (my sister’s granddaughter), but saying that makes me feel old! It is amazing, though to see my niece, who to me was always a young girl playing with my children, being a mom. She and her husband clearly adore their baby; it is so sweet to watch them with her. Our family is so lucky  to have four generations that can be together.

My niece came over the other day so that I could take photos of her baby. What a joy it is to photograph a beautiful, happy baby. I was so excited for the whole thing, and while mostly it was fun, parts were definitely challenging. I really wanted more poses where she was sleeping, but that didn’t work out. However, she was happy and smiling while she was awake, so that was wonderful! I guess the only possible down side for me is that I didn’t get to hold her that much because I was busy shooting the pictures. Ok, next time I’ll hog her all to myself! 🙂

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