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I hadn’t taken any abstract photos in quite a while, so that’s what was on my mind yesterday. I went to my favorite spot, the beach, to see what I could get. Photos of the ocean and beach are so peaceful and serene to me, I just love looking at them and taking them. However, in the bright daylight it’s actually really hard to see what you’re getting, especially with this technique. So I really didn’t know how they would turn out…. unusual in these days of constantly checking the on-camera screen. Particularly hard to see was the last image of sailboats, which was really light in camera. Maybe its a little too abstract? More than my usual for sure. I wanted to take photograph the Kayak racks that are always there, but don’t look so great in a regular picture. Abstracted, I think they look really cool and I love the colors. Luckily because of the rain earlier in the day, there really weren’t many people around, and none in my shots!








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This morning I was working on some photos for an online photography class I’m taking. The assignment was to do with photos that would entice people to come to your state. So of course I headed for the water, because that is what draws most people to southern Connecticut. The waters here are just beautiful and I love going to the beach and river. I went in the morning to try and get some beautiful morning light, but I should have gone even earlier. And I’m definitely going back to shoot the house that is all by itself on an island (in the second shot, hard to see the house). I love that spot and that shot! Hope you enjoy them as well. And maybe you’ll come and check out our town! 🙂











The town we live in is just gorgeous and I love living here! It borders both the Long Island Sound and the Saugatuck River. Having water all around is the best, there’s always something to catch your eye. Particularly beautiful is the beach at sunset, where we were on Friday evening. Those beautiful and fun evenings grilling and relaxing on the beach with the gorgeous sunsets are some of our favorite nights of the entire year. Last week I was taking photos of the beach and river and some of the boating that is available in our town so I thought I’d share them plus one from the sunset on Friday. There are kayaks and canoes to rent as well as small sailboats and of course marinas for motor boats. Plus the beach is ripe with stuff to do including a huge playground, sand volleyball courts a pavilion and grills for cooking. I have always been a real beach lover having grown up in New Jersey and heading to the beach as often as possible. While the Long Island Sound doesn’t have the waves of the Jersey shore, it is peaceful, beautiful, close by and one of my favorite places to be!!

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