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This week my son’s high school all-star rugby team played a team that was visiting from England – the Merchant Taylor School in the north of London. Rugby is a rough sport, but around the world it truly does encourage camaraderie amongst its players. Did you know the home team feeds all players after every game? This week we hosted two of the british players for two nights at our home. What a terrific experience for all involved! The boys were great guests and all were good sports. The rugby match was exciting and well played. The competition overflowed into the pool, video games and billiards as well! We loved the experience and would definitely do it again!

rugby 1 web

rugby 2 web

rugby 3 web

rugby 4 web

rugby 5 web

rugby 6 web

rugby 7 web

rugby 8 web

rugby 11 web

rugby 9 web

rugby 10 web

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So yes, I can’t help taking pictures of flowers! Shooting pictures and editing to look just right is so enjoyable to me.  I love deciding which shots to take, what composition looks good and what and background works, especially the sharp flower with the soft background. That is my favorite. What is yours??

flowers2_022 web



flowers2_024 web



flowers2_032 web


flowers2_017 web


flowers2_045 web


flowers2_036 web


flowers2_058 web


flowers2_039 web



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Well I just had to post some fireworks pictures! Our town has a great night for the fireworks each year on the beach with a barge just off-shore from which the fireworks are launched. We just love this evening of relaxing on the beach with friends and then watching the beautiful display. And I enjoy the challenge of getting some good shots, which is a combination of a little knowledge and a lot of luck. This year I tried something new and you’ll see some interesting looks to a couple shots. The last one is a view from my spot. Happy Independence Day!

fireworks1 web


fireworks3 web

fireworks4 web

fireworks5 copy

fireworks7 web

fireworks9 web

fireworks6 web


Motivation hasn’t come my way lately as far as photography goes! I need to get myself outdoors with my camera. Here are some shots just from my gardens. Flowers are some of my favorite subjects, but I need to challenge myself a little more. Anyone want to go on a photography expedition?? 🙂


flower1 web


flower2 web


flower5 web


flower6 web


flower3 web


flower7 web



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