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I just love photographing families and children! It is so much fun making kids laugh, engage with each other and trying to capture their relationships. We had such a nice time taking these shots on this gorgeous but chilly fall day. The light and beautiful scenery of the fall makes it such a great time for family and kids photos. Send me an email at to schedule photos of your family and/or children!

D 2013_1 web

D 2013_2 web

D 2013_3 web

D 2013_4 web

D 2013_5 web

D 2013_6 web

D 2013_7 web


What fun shooting an adorable little 2 year old! Well fun, but not easy. It’s really hard to pin down a 2 year old for a good pose, so I followed her around trying out different spots and hoping for some good shots. This seems always to be my method with kids! She is too cute not to get a good photo, but there are certain characteristics that make up a good portrait, hopefully some of these fit that bill. 🙂

Lilah1_001 web

Lilah1_006 web

Lilah1_111 web

Lilah1_106 web

Lilah1_045 web

Lilah1_051 web

Lilah1_061 web

Lilah1_038 web


The beautiful colors and scenes of autumn in the northeast lend themselves to myriad photographic opportunities. I’m sure you’ve seen your share of fall foliage images posted throughout the digital world, and I have posted quite a few images of my own savoring this short but pretty time of year. Here are some abstracts, which you know by now if you read my blog, that I just adore. The feel and the color just appeal to me. I hope you enjoy them as well!

devilsden_0127 web

devilsden_0338 web

devilsden_0198 web

devilsden_0620 web

devilsden_0577 web


Today I just had to head out this absolutely spectacular fall day. We have had so many lately, what a treat this fall has been! Today was warm, sunny and the sky was a clear, dark blue. Fall will soon be past us, so I really enjoyed taking in all of the beautiful colors. The paths through the nature preserve where I hiked today were just so pretty. Hope you enjoyed your day!!

devilsden_0005 web

devilsden_0047-2 web

devilsden_0019 web

devilsden_0427 web

devilsden_0404 web

devilsden_0361 web

devilsden_0385 web

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