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Have you ever lost your motivation? I haven’t been posting or really taking many pictures lately, but today I decided to get out and shoot some images. It’s a rainy morning, but I decided to venture out and look around for something to catch my eye. Rain drops can be so interesting and pretty, especially when they reflect something. I was happy looking around for small droplets on my plants to focus on. Below are some fall-blooming daisies covered in rain drops. These are exactly as I found them in my garden. I hope you enjoy them!

rain_0301 web

rain_0311 web

rain_0225 web

rain_0283 web


It was a thrill to be able to visit Monet’s home at Giverny and view the amazing gardens there. As expected, the gardens are lush and beautiful with flowers blooming everywhere. There are two sections of the property, the area near his home and another area across the road, with the pond and the famous water lilies. Here are some shots of the gorgeous gardens in front of the house. I could have stayed there shooting for days!

Giverny1 web

Giverny4 web

Giverny5 web

Giverny6 web

Giverny2 web


So yes, I can’t help taking pictures of flowers! Shooting pictures and editing to look just right is so enjoyable to me.  I love deciding which shots to take, what composition looks good and what and background works, especially the sharp flower with the soft background. That is my favorite. What is yours??

flowers2_022 web



flowers2_024 web



flowers2_032 web


flowers2_017 web


flowers2_045 web


flowers2_036 web


flowers2_058 web


flowers2_039 web



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Motivation hasn’t come my way lately as far as photography goes! I need to get myself outdoors with my camera. Here are some shots just from my gardens. Flowers are some of my favorite subjects, but I need to challenge myself a little more. Anyone want to go on a photography expedition?? 🙂


flower1 web


flower2 web


flower5 web


flower6 web


flower3 web


flower7 web



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