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A few shots of my adorable great niece while she and her mom were visiting last week. She was busy coloring so I thought I’d snap a few quick shots of her while she was being still. Notice what happens when a 2 year old thinks they are supposed to “say cheese.” They really don’t get the point! My son tried explaining to her “cheese isn’t about yelling the word, it’s for you to make a nice smile.” Still so adorable even when she’s yelling out “cheese!” 🙂

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Sometimes it’s hard for me to actually change my images into black and white, while other times I’ll picture a scene and know immediately that it will be perfect in black and white. Some of the images below fall into each of those categories, but I decided to do all of them in black and white for this post. I actually think the look of black and white works for the old feel of the barn and its surroundings. But at the same time, it was a beautiful fall day, so the color appeals to me as well. I guess I’m just indecisive, except in that I love taking pictures of this farm!

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It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous setting last weekend at my brother’s wedding. They had a great day filled with family, friends and fun! I love watching how a bride and groom interact with each other, and they were laughing and happy the whole day. It was wonderful.

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This past weekend I was lucky to take some senior photos of our niece who lives in Florida. It was a nice evening and she, her sister and I went for a walk around a golf course to find some good spots for posing. I was a little nervous, but I think she looks absolutely gorgeous. I hope she likes them as well!!


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Wow, I just think my new niece is totally amazing!!! Ok, she’s my great niece (my sister’s granddaughter), but saying that makes me feel old! It is amazing, though to see my niece, who to me was always a young girl playing with my children, being a mom. She and her husband clearly adore their baby; it is so sweet to watch them with her. Our family is so lucky  to have four generations that can be together.

My niece came over the other day so that I could take photos of her baby. What a joy it is to photograph a beautiful, happy baby. I was so excited for the whole thing, and while mostly it was fun, parts were definitely challenging. I really wanted more poses where she was sleeping, but that didn’t work out. However, she was happy and smiling while she was awake, so that was wonderful! I guess the only possible down side for me is that I didn’t get to hold her that much because I was busy shooting the pictures. Ok, next time I’ll hog her all to myself! 🙂


My good friends were kind enough (and brave enough) to entrust me with photographing their children this year and last year. This creates an incredible amount of excitement and nervousness for me! Since I’m really still new at this (learning all the time!) I’m nervous that that I will get any decent shots and they will love the pictures. I remember packing my kids up and getting them out for a ‘photo shoot’ when they were younger and it was never easy!!! So if they’re making the effort to get there, I better make the results worth it. Yikes.

Their kids are gorgeous and getting a beautiful shot of them doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult! Until it begins, and then there is so much juggling going on… Where should we go? Where is the light? What’s in the background? What setting is my camera on? How are they posed? Where are they looking? How to get them happy and keep them focused? Are there shadows on their faces? Who can hold the reflector? (I need an assistant!!!) I wonder if this ever comes easy to photographers who do this on a regular basis. It sure seemed like it came easy for the photographers I used over the years, but I can’t imagine that right now.

I just loved the whole experience, was pleased with many of the pictures, and hope were too. Lots of fun actually!!! Here are a few, hope you enjoy them too! And let me know if you want me to take some of your kids… I’m a glutton for stress!


We all have our memories from holidays celebrated while growing up, many associated with warm, wonderful feelings. Such are the memories I have toward the holidays I shared with my extended family over the years. As a child, my family’s holidays always included travelling to visit our extended family, most of whom lived in Connecticut, which was quite a journey from our home in southern New Jersey. My sisters and I always enjoyed the trip, despite the many hours in the car, mostly because we had a multitude of cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles to visit when we arrived.

It wasn’t only our family members that made the trip such a great experience for us, though, it was also the farm on which my grandparents lived. The whole place – beautiful farmland, country living, farm life – was so completely different from what we experienced in our daily lives, that it made the whole place like a wonderland for us. We shared so many wonderful times together on the farm, playing, helping, creating, laughing, fighting, too many memories to mention!

Perhaps I’ll elaborate more in another posting, but for now, with Thanksgiving approaching, I have been thinking about my childhood holidays. I took these pictures of the farm last summer when I first started learning about photography. I loved going to the barn as a kid, loved being there while the cows were being milked, and especially loved feeding the calves! There are no more cows being milked there, but I do plan on going back and shooting more pictures. Meanwhile, some photos of Chuck Hill Farm… my childhood holiday destination!

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