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Yesterday I had a photography job down near the beach. As I was leaving I saw the sun setting and rushed over to try an capture an image. The sun goes down so quickly once it’s near the horizon line and I knew I really did have to speed to try and get there. The sun was very low by the time I arrived; however, the low position of the sun wasn’t my main issue, the temperature was! My car thermometer said 19° but with the wind, it was much colder than that. As I stood on the beach, my face and ears were absolutely frozen! (I didn’t even turn my car off so I could quickly jump back into the warmth.) I could only bear a minute or so out there photographing. For me, once I’m shooting, I will usually just stick it out whatever the weather. Not yesterday, though! I did get a few pretty shots, but normally I would have stayed long after the sun went down. There was no way that was happening though, what a bite that wind had! We have been spoiled with this mild winter, I suppose – welcome to January in New England.

Jan sunset_01 web


Jan sunset_02 web


Jan sunset_4 web

Jan sunset_5-2 web

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The sky is so beautiful before the sun rises. It’s dark and early, but the rich, saturated colors just above the waterline are just too much to resist photographing. You have to hope the morning you choose is a colorful one if you’re venturing out. Cloudy and gray would be disappointing after the early alarm. (Sunsets are so much more civilized to photograph!) Of course the sun rising is amazing to watch. And it happens so fast. Then a few minutes later it’s bright outside, the saturated colors are gone, and the whole thing is pretty much over. Usually all well worth it!

flocean1 web

b4sun7 web

b4sun11 web

b4sun2 web

b4sun4 web

b4sun6 web

b4sun5 web


Another beautiful beach location from our recent trip to the east coast of Florida. It’s so cold here now that I’m loving working on the shots from our trip. Piers make great photographic subjects, especially when there are waves crashing around them. In the first image, I captured some people walking while using a slow shutter speed; an effect which I like. Enjoy the shots!


Pier1 web

pier4 web


pier7 web


pier9 web

pier10 web


pier5 web


pier11 web



Happy New Year! We have just returned from Florida where we were lucky to enjoy beautiful warm weather and visit with family. Of course I spent time outside with my camera photographing the beach, both at sunrise and during the day. I often think about how to  interpret things differently, including my favorite subject, the beach. I did do some camera movement, which, if you have read my blog before, you know is one of my favorite techniques. I then did some out-of-focus shots after the sun came up. What do you think??


abstractsunrise5 web

abstractsunrise4 web

abstractsunrise3 web

abstractsunrise1 web

abstractsunrise6 web

abstractsunrise7 web

abstractsunrise8 web


















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