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The fall is a popular time for kids and family portraits! Take a look at one of my favorite subjects…. I just love taking her picture. Here she wasn’t exactly cooperating but the light from the window makes a gorgeous shot and sometimes looking away from the camera makes a portrait interesting.

Martz 20 web

Martz 13 web

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A few shots of my adorable great niece while she and her mom were visiting last week. She was busy coloring so I thought I’d snap a few quick shots of her while she was being still. Notice what happens when a 2 year old thinks they are supposed to “say cheese.” They really don’t get the point! My son tried explaining to her “cheese isn’t about yelling the word, it’s for you to make a nice smile.” Still so adorable even when she’s yelling out “cheese!” 🙂

lbm_13bw web

lbm_18bw web

lbm_20bw web

lbm_36bw web

lbm_33bw web

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What an adorable baby boy I got to photograph last week. He was so handsome and incredibly precious, especially because he is the new grandson of our dear friends. I just loved photographing him and his mom. He must have missed the memo where he was supposed to be sleeping during the shoot, though!! Welcome to the world sweet boy!






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On Saturday, we attended the baptism of of our dear friends’ new baby grandson. It was a perfect, beautiful day to drive to Boston and celebrate with our friends. The ceremony was lovely and of course the baby is absolutely adorable and incredibly precious. Events like these always make me so thankful for wonderful friends and family. Here are some shots from the ceremony. We wish little Alfred Anthony a long, healthy, wonderful life.

And happy birthday to his namesake, Anthony Ryan, who was so special to each of our family members. We will have you in our hearts forever.

AAS Baptism 003 web

AAS Baptism 016 web

AAS Baptism 027 web

AAS Baptism 096 web

AAS Baptism 094 web

AAS Baptism 138 web

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I recently had the opportunity to photograph my friend’s daughter and husband, who are expecting their first baby next month. It was fun photographing her all around the city of Boston and photographing them both on a beach just north of Boston. The morning on the beach didn’t have the sunrise we had hoped for, but the gray skies lent themselves well to black and white images. I think she looks gorgeous, actually they both do, but I love that big belly!

Beach01 web

Beach05 web

Beach48 web

Beach44 web

Beach43 web

Beach24 web

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My mom wanted some photos of her great granddaughter in a dress made by her great-great grandmother, my great-great-great grandmother, and for the cutie in the dress, 5 greats? Oh my. The dress was recently passed along from one of my mother’s cousins, and then whitened up by her sister. Thankfully the dress fit, so I captured a few shots of her in it and the matching bonnet. So sweet and old fashioned!

dress_0227 bw web

dress_0228 bw web

dress_0318 web

dress_0331 bw web

dress_0379 bw web

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I just love photographing families and children! It is so much fun making kids laugh, engage with each other and trying to capture their relationships. We had such a nice time taking these shots on this gorgeous but chilly fall day. The light and beautiful scenery of the fall makes it such a great time for family and kids photos. Send me an email at to schedule photos of your family and/or children!

D 2013_1 web

D 2013_2 web

D 2013_3 web

D 2013_4 web

D 2013_5 web

D 2013_6 web

D 2013_7 web


What fun shooting an adorable little 2 year old! Well fun, but not easy. It’s really hard to pin down a 2 year old for a good pose, so I followed her around trying out different spots and hoping for some good shots. This seems always to be my method with kids! She is too cute not to get a good photo, but there are certain characteristics that make up a good portrait, hopefully some of these fit that bill. 🙂

Lilah1_001 web

Lilah1_006 web

Lilah1_111 web

Lilah1_106 web

Lilah1_045 web

Lilah1_051 web

Lilah1_061 web

Lilah1_038 web

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