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The nature trail at our resort in Puerto Rico provided some lush scenery for hiking and photographing. I took lots of photos of the foliage, but liked these abstracted leaves the best. Its freezing here, which makes me want to go back to the 85 degree beautiful beach where the sun was shining and when it rained there was a rainbow!!!

Palm leaf1

Palm leaf3

Palm leaf2

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My mom wanted some photos of her great granddaughter in a dress made by her great-great grandmother, my great-great-great grandmother, and for the cutie in the dress, 5 greats? Oh my. The dress was recently passed along from one of my mother’s cousins, and then whitened up by her sister. Thankfully the dress fit, so I captured a few shots of her in it and the matching bonnet. So sweet and old fashioned!

dress_0227 bw web

dress_0228 bw web

dress_0318 web

dress_0331 bw web

dress_0379 bw web

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A few shots of our frozen beach. Instead of foam and the edge of the water, there is chunky ice. My fingers felt like they were getting frost bite while I was taking these shots! Even the dogs that normally roam the beach in the winter weren’t out because it’s so cold. Brrr!

Compo beach_10 web

Compo beach_12 web

Compo beach_11 web

Compo beach_09 web

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We have had some extreme temperature changes this week, and with the warm temperatures this morning, we had crazy thick fog. I headed out early to get some shots of the fog around town. It was also really windy, causing waves at the beach that were pretty big for our normally flat sound. Back to freezing tonight and maybe more fog once it warms up again in a few days!

Fog1 web

Fog2 web

Fog3 web
Fog4 web

Fog5 web

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