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A few shots of my adorable great niece while she and her mom were visiting last week. She was busy coloring so I thought I’d snap a few quick shots of her while she was being still. Notice what happens when a 2 year old thinks they are supposed to “say cheese.” They really don’t get the point! My son tried explaining to her “cheese isn’t about yelling the word, it’s for you to make a nice smile.” Still so adorable even when she’s yelling out “cheese!” 🙂

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What an adorable baby boy I got to photograph last week. He was so handsome and incredibly precious, especially because he is the new grandson of our dear friends. I just loved photographing him and his mom. He must have missed the memo where he was supposed to be sleeping during the shoot, though!! Welcome to the world sweet boy!






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My mom wanted some photos of her great granddaughter in a dress made by her great-great grandmother, my great-great-great grandmother, and for the cutie in the dress, 5 greats? Oh my. The dress was recently passed along from one of my mother’s cousins, and then whitened up by her sister. Thankfully the dress fit, so I captured a few shots of her in it and the matching bonnet. So sweet and old fashioned!

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It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous setting last weekend at my brother’s wedding. They had a great day filled with family, friends and fun! I love watching how a bride and groom interact with each other, and they were laughing and happy the whole day. It was wonderful.

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I had such a lovely afternoon photographing my friends daughter! My class on posing has taught me a lot, with much more to learn because there certainly is a lot to it. My ‘model’ was more than willing and cooperative, plus she is hilarious! But it does take a lot to know what will look good through the camera and then there’s trying to explain what you want them to do! I loved this afternoon with her and hope to continue having many more sessions with happy kids!!


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What an incredible season our high school football team had! Ranked number 1 in the state and number 11 in the tri-state area (by MSG Varsity) and with an offense considered the best in the state, the expectations for our team were sky high. Our players and coaches were amazing in every way, from athletic ability to teamwork and spirit; they demonstrated what it means to be a great team.

Our regular season was extraordinary in every way. We won every regular season game, with an average score of 51-17 for the regular season. The team was 9-0 and clinched the conference championship on Thanksgiving Day. What a great day that was!! Smiles and cheering were all around, with awards presented and a bucket of Gatorade dumped over the coach in celebration.

Headed into the state championships we were favored and expectations were high. We won the quarterfinal game and were faced with another powerhouse team in the semis. Our boys played their hearts out in that great game. The game was close but unfortunately we did not win, an upset that was tough to take. I hope that the players, though, do not keep only this loss in their hearts and memories when they look back on their remarkable season. There are so many great times to remember and be proud of, which is what the season was about. I hope all of the players and coaches remember this season as an amazing achievement by a team to be proud of. Everyone on our team demonstrated a team spirit at all times on the field, from working their hardest to supporting and rooting for each other at every turn.

Being on the field taking pictures, I was lucky to be up close to the amazing athleticism demonstrated by our players. I just had to share some of the photos from the last game, which capture just a tiny glimpse of the effort demonstrated by our boys since September. Leaving that field for the last time was difficult, extremely so, particularly for seniors and their parents. I hope everyone associated with the team has a warm feeling about an incredible season filled with great memories. Wrecker Pride!
























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