Holiday lights always put me in a cheerful holiday mood. I had fun with my camera taking photos of the lights on our tree and around town. With the mild December we are having (scary… my bulbs are coming up!) I  didn’t mind heading out to take some pictures of the lights on the Saugatuck River. I should mention that I normally only put white lights on my tree, but this year my daughter won out with the colored lights, and I have to say they do make for better pictures! Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year to everyone reading my blog. Invite your friends!!

5 Responses to “Lights”

  1. Sharon Scioli

    April, I love color always and also, I’m always fascinated and captivated by reflections off of water, especially night light reflection off of water. So soothing, yet mysterious, as though to tell a little different version of the story ! Beautiful pics !

  2. abook810

    Thanks, Sharon. I also love reflections in water,I think they are so beautiful Hmmm… maybe I’ll do a post on some of the fall reflection shots I took. Fall is such a greta time of year for that! Thanks for commenting!

    • Sharon Scioli

      Would LUV to see those. Also, do you remember getting leslie’s realtors Christmas email? It was the winter snow scene reflected on the lake? It was SPECTACULAR!!!!! Given that, can’t wait to see the exact opposite in yours because of the color that I know will be in your fall shots !!!! I know they are sure to be just as SPECTACULAR!!!!!


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