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Today I’m the only one home, so I’m busy with two of my favorite pastimes… baking and photographing. I haven’t actually photographed my baking, so I thought I would try it. I’m really baking these to send them to my boys for finals. Maybe if they ‘like’ this post, I’ll actually put these goodies in the mail to them!! 🙂

cookies01 web

cookies08 web

baking_0002 web

baking_0014 web

cookies04 web


I recently had the opportunity to photograph my friend’s daughter and husband, who are expecting their first baby next month. It was fun photographing her all around the city of Boston and photographing them both on a beach just north of Boston. The morning on the beach didn’t have the sunrise we had hoped for, but the gray skies lent themselves well to black and white images. I think she looks gorgeous, actually they both do, but I love that big belly!

Beach01 web

Beach05 web

Beach48 web

Beach44 web

Beach43 web

Beach24 web

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It always surprises me how beautiful Central Park is! I suppose since it’s in the middle of a bustling city, my expectations for beauty are low. But if you really walk through, there are so many pretty spots and gorgeous backgrounds. These images are from my walk through the park last week. Lots of trees and early spring plants were just starting to bloom. I’m looking forward to going back!

Central Park9 web

Central Park5 web

Centrak Park 1 web

Central Park6 web

Central Park8 web

Central Park2 web


For the first time I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, which I loved doing! The walkway goes across the center of the bridge and the views are amazing, from the river to the skyscrapers to the other bridges nearby. Not to mention the famously beautiful architecture of the bridge, which lends itself to a million different types of images!

Brooklyn Bridge 01 web

Brooklyn Bridge 06 web

Brooklyn Bridge 12 web

Brooklyn Bridge 13-2 web

Brooklyn Bridge 11 web

Brooklyn Bridge 09 web


I spent two lovely days in New York taking lots of photographs. Grand Central Terminal was one of my stops as I wondered around the city. It provides a multitude of photographic opportunities and many travelers have their cameras out to take advantage of its beautiful architecture and surroundings.

Grand Central 02 web

Grand Central 16 web

Grand Central 14 web

Grand Central 11 web

Grand Central 07 web

Grand Central 18 web

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