My good friends were kind enough (and brave enough) to entrust me with photographing their children this year and last year. This creates an incredible amount of excitement and nervousness for me! Since I’m really still new at this (learning all the time!) I’m nervous that that I will get any decent shots and they will love the pictures. I remember packing my kids up and getting them out for a ‘photo shoot’ when they were younger and it was never easy!!! So if they’re making the effort to get there, I better make the results worth it. Yikes.

Their kids are gorgeous and getting a beautiful shot of them doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult! Until it begins, and then there is so much juggling going on… Where should we go? Where is the light? What’s in the background? What setting is my camera on? How are they posed? Where are they looking? How to get them happy and keep them focused? Are there shadows on their faces? Who can hold the reflector? (I need an assistant!!!) I wonder if this ever comes easy to photographers who do this on a regular basis. It sure seemed like it came easy for the photographers I used over the years, but I can’t imagine that right now.

I just loved the whole experience, was pleased with many of the pictures, and hope were too. Lots of fun actually!!! Here are a few, hope you enjoy them too! And let me know if you want me to take some of your kids… I’m a glutton for stress!

8 Responses to “Adorable Kids!”

  1. stephanie

    oh my sooooo cute! i love the one where jules hugs jake!!!! you can tell they had fun doing this!

  2. Tonya

    So cute April!! You better watch out— everyone is going to be bringing you their kids!!


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