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Today I’m the only one home, so I’m busy with two of my favorite pastimes… baking and photographing. I haven’t actually photographed my baking, so I thought I would try it. I’m really baking these to send them to my boys for finals. Maybe if they ‘like’ this post, I’ll actually put these goodies in the mail to them!! 🙂

cookies01 web

cookies08 web

baking_0002 web

baking_0014 web

cookies04 web


There is something visually pleasing looking along a fence. Especially when the fence is bordering a pretty farm on a picturesque fall day. These images bring up many memories of growing up with my cousins and squeezing through or walking along these very fences, with cows or horses in the fields they separate. The animals aren’t around anymore but the fields and views are just as beautiful as they ever were.

Fence9 web

Fence7 web


Fence8 web

Fence5 web

Fence4 web

Fence3 web

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Sometimes it’s hard for me to actually change my images into black and white, while other times I’ll picture a scene and know immediately that it will be perfect in black and white. Some of the images below fall into each of those categories, but I decided to do all of them in black and white for this post. I actually think the look of black and white works for the old feel of the barn and its surroundings. But at the same time, it was a beautiful fall day, so the color appeals to me as well. I guess I’m just indecisive, except in that I love taking pictures of this farm!

barn bw3 web

barn bw4 web

barn bw5 web

Barn bw2 web

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Well I just had to post some fireworks pictures! Our town has a great night for the fireworks each year on the beach with a barge just off-shore from which the fireworks are launched. We just love this evening of relaxing on the beach with friends and then watching the beautiful display. And I enjoy the challenge of getting some good shots, which is a combination of a little knowledge and a lot of luck. This year I tried something new and you’ll see some interesting looks to a couple shots. The last one is a view from my spot. Happy Independence Day!

fireworks1 web


fireworks3 web

fireworks4 web

fireworks5 copy

fireworks7 web

fireworks9 web

fireworks6 web


One of our favorite nights of the year is when our town puts on the fireworks at the beach. A beautiful spot, gorgeous evenings and lots of fun with friends makes for a great night. I could have been a little closer to the water to get better foregrounds in the shots, but these are a few of my favorite shots anyway. Hope you get to enjoy some fireworks as well!





Holiday lights always put me in a cheerful holiday mood. I had fun with my camera taking photos of the lights on our tree and around town. With the mild December we are having (scary… my bulbs are coming up!) I  didn’t mind heading out to take some pictures of the lights on the Saugatuck River. I should mention that I normally only put white lights on my tree, but this year my daughter won out with the colored lights, and I have to say they do make for better pictures! Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year to everyone reading my blog. Invite your friends!!

Anyone reading this probably knows that I have been interested in and learning about photography over the past year or so. I love looking at beautiful photos and I love taking photos. I spend a lot of my time reading about photography, learning about photography, taking pictures and editing them. Lately I have been contemplating what to ‘do’ with my photos, and after reading through many blogs and websites, I decided maybe it was time to create my own blog. What will it be? I will share photos and thoughts on things that catch my eye, whether random or planned. There will be lots of shots of nature and my family, which seem to be my primary subjects. I enjoy the challenge of being creative and sharing my work and ideas. I also value feedback, so please feel free to comment on my posts and photos!

Oh and the address of my blog, it’s long and it’s my maiden name. Sorry it’s so hard to spell, you’ll just have to bookmark me! Getting a blog name was not that easy for me since my name is basically two nouns, neither of which in any combination or together with ‘photography’ were available for use as a blog name! So I’m using my maiden name. Book or Lavallee, it’s still me.

Hope you enjoy my blog!

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