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We all have our memories from holidays celebrated while growing up, many associated with warm, wonderful feelings. Such are the memories I have toward the holidays I shared with my extended family over the years. As a child, my family’s holidays always included travelling to visit our extended family, most of whom lived in Connecticut, which was quite a journey from our home in southern New Jersey. My sisters and I always enjoyed the trip, despite the many hours in the car, mostly because we had a multitude of cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles to visit when we arrived.

It wasn’t only our family members that made the trip such a great experience for us, though, it was also the farm on which my grandparents lived. The whole place – beautiful farmland, country living, farm life – was so completely different from what we experienced in our daily lives, that it made the whole place like a wonderland for us. We shared so many wonderful times together on the farm, playing, helping, creating, laughing, fighting, too many memories to mention!

Perhaps I’ll elaborate more in another posting, but for now, with Thanksgiving approaching, I have been thinking about my childhood holidays. I took these pictures of the farm last summer when I first started learning about photography. I loved going to the barn as a kid, loved being there while the cows were being milked, and especially loved feeding the calves! There are no more cows being milked there, but I do plan on going back and shooting more pictures. Meanwhile, some photos of Chuck Hill Farm… my childhood holiday destination!


With the most beautiful part of fall almost past us in this area, the potential subjects seemed fewer and fewer to me, being spoiled lately with all that beautiful color in the landscape. I felt I had missed the two best weeks of fall for various reasons, so I was frustrated with that as well. Since the light wasn’t the best at the time I was free, I really wasn’t sure what to photograph. I ventured out anyway, thinking in the back of my mind of black and white, which can give more latitude in subject matter for me. All the beautiful color isn’t necessary, and the removing of color results in a feeling that I just love, more mood than anything. Also, I am personally attracted to scenes that look ‘old,’ whether the photograph is weathered or the scene seems like something from the past, farmland, open fields, old barns, etc. that are hard to find in our developed area. These are some shots I took today that were changed to black and white and then toning was applied that I thought worked for them. Hope you like them too!

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A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to travel with three other couples to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to celebrate our friend’s ‘big’ birthday. We all appreciated the beauty of the desert alongside the pristine beaches, and loved the absolutely perfect weather. Basically, we spent five days relaxing in paradise. It would have been four days, but we were delayed by October’s unexpected blizzard … one extra day by the pool was decadent and enjoyed by all!

 The sunsets and sunrises are incredibly beautiful, and the sunset catamaran trip around the tip of the Baja peninsula into the Pacific was breathtaking!  

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I thought I would start off with what has been inspiring me most recently (apart from my brand new gorgeous great-niece, Lilah Beth, who will be prominently featured here as long as her parents say it’s ok). I have been enjoying and photographing the incredible beauty of fall. While summer will always be my favorite season, fall provides unparalleled opportunities for colorful, unique photographs. I have found that abstract photos truly appeal to me; I love creating them and looking at them. I especially like when a photograph can in some way resemble a painting, through its lines or what could be brush strokes. These photos are all of local trees, some in my back yard some from walks I have been on in the past few weeks.


Anyone reading this probably knows that I have been interested in and learning about photography over the past year or so. I love looking at beautiful photos and I love taking photos. I spend a lot of my time reading about photography, learning about photography, taking pictures and editing them. Lately I have been contemplating what to ‘do’ with my photos, and after reading through many blogs and websites, I decided maybe it was time to create my own blog. What will it be? I will share photos and thoughts on things that catch my eye, whether random or planned. There will be lots of shots of nature and my family, which seem to be my primary subjects. I enjoy the challenge of being creative and sharing my work and ideas. I also value feedback, so please feel free to comment on my posts and photos!

Oh and the address of my blog, it’s long and it’s my maiden name. Sorry it’s so hard to spell, you’ll just have to bookmark me! Getting a blog name was not that easy for me since my name is basically two nouns, neither of which in any combination or together with ‘photography’ were available for use as a blog name! So I’m using my maiden name. Book or Lavallee, it’s still me.

Hope you enjoy my blog!

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