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Venice is one of the most incredible places we have ever visited! Everything from the amazing architecture and history to way the locals navigate the waters in their gondolas and motor boats is fascinating. We loved our trip there this past summer and would love to go back again. It is just stunning!

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Have you ever wanted to photograph something but could never seem to find a great spot? I see beautiful shots of so many amazing places and sometimes wonder if I’ll ever be able to find spots to capture such images. Maybe I’m not willing to go out of the way to get to the best locations, or maybe I just don’t work hard enough to search out where the best places are. Sometimes, though, a great spot will come right upon you. That’s what happened when we approached the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver this past July. My husband, son and I headed out on a bike ride around Stanley park. Beautiful views of the harbor and mountains surrounded us as we pedaled along on a gorgeous sunny day. They were both patient as I kept stopping to photograph different scenes along the way. But when we came right under the bridge, I told them to go on ahead because I needed a few minutes to get the shots I wanted. It’s not often that you find yourself directly under a suspension bridge! Or at least I don’t. The bridge was beautiful from afar, but my favorite shots are the ones from directly underneath. Maybe because they are more graphic or because they are just more unusual, whatever it is, they are my favorites. Maybe I need to head out and find more bridges to photograph. 🙂









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I just love living in a town that is on the water! As you may know from previous blog posts, I adore heading to the beach for photo ops. I actually love going to the beach all times of year, but of course the summer is the best (and my favorite season). Whether it’s relaxing on the beach, taking our boat out or having a meal overlooking the water, my favorite place is outside near the sound, river or a lake.

I was having fun using Photoshop effects on some images I took on a few different local beaches the other day. It was a super hot, great beach day, but there still weren’t many people hanging out on the beach, which actually suits my purposes rather well. A few people can make a shot interesting, a crowd, not so much, at least for what I like to shoot! Hope you’re enjoying your summer!










Have you ever tried to get something from nothing? Or something from very little? That’s what I tried today. I was in the mood to take pictures, but I wasn’t sure of what. My go-to place is always the nearby beach or river, but still I was having trouble being inspired. I need to venture to some new locations, but that wasn’t happening today. So I headed to a small beach close by which has a stream as you approach it. It wasn’t a great time of day, nor is it the most beautiful scenery at this time of year. It’s doubtful that anyone would stop and photograph this place just now, it just doesn’t look great. But I knew I could work on the images when I got home. That’s where the something from nothing comes in. I shot a lot of images, and if I were braver or thought anyone really would care, I’d post an original shot here. But through the magic of Photoshop, I was able to turn those not-so-good-looking raw files into images that I actually like. The first one is my favorite. So yes, I think I got something from very little today!!


This morning, I really didn’t have anything particular to post until I read a comment from friend of mine on my ‘Lights’ post. She mentioned that she loves reflections in water, and they definitely appeal to me as well. Couldn’t you just sit and stare at beautiful reflections in water? It is so relaxing. This got me thinking that the fall was a fabulous time, because of the beautiful colors, to shoot pictures of reflections in water and I had quite a few from this past season.  These shots are all from around Westport, some recognizable locations, and some abstract shots.

I suppose I need to get out and shoot more pictures now, but it’s much harder to get inspired with the landscape in the northeast right now. Maybe if we could get some snow I would get inspired to get outside!! Meanwhile, take a look back at the beautiful colors from this past fall.

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