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The sky is so beautiful before the sun rises. It’s dark and early, but the rich, saturated colors just above the waterline are just too much to resist photographing. You have to hope the morning you choose is a colorful one if you’re venturing out. Cloudy and gray would be disappointing after the early alarm. (Sunsets are so much more civilized to photograph!) Of course the sun rising is amazing to watch. And it happens so fast. Then a few minutes later it’s bright outside, the saturated colors are gone, and the whole thing is pretty much over. Usually all well worth it!

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Happy New Year! We have just returned from Florida where we were lucky to enjoy beautiful warm weather and visit with family. Of course I spent time outside with my camera photographing the beach, both at sunrise and during the day. I often think about how to  interpret things differently, including my favorite subject, the beach. I did do some camera movement, which, if you have read my blog before, you know is one of my favorite techniques. I then did some out-of-focus shots after the sun came up. What do you think??


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Sleep in or wake up early? What a question to have to ask on vacation! Of course sleeping in is preferable, right? We tend to think, oh, just let me get rested while I’m away, no need to get up early. But, then the tradeoff… missing beautiful shots of the sunrise. Maybe next year on vacation we’ll stay on a west-facing beach. 🙂 So while we were in Florida last week, I set my alarm for 6:30 one morning. When my alarm whent off, I jumped up to see what it looked like out our hotel window. The sky was dark red over the ocean, just beautiful. I had to get up! I got dressed in the pitch black (couldn’t even tell what I was putting on!) and headed out to get some shots of the sunrise. I loved being out there almost alone (yes some other crazy people were already out at 6:30). It was so peaceful and beautiful. Here are some of my shots. The lifeguard chair was the first thing I saw as I headed out. Who could resist that shot?


A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to travel with three other couples to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to celebrate our friend’s ‘big’ birthday. We all appreciated the beauty of the desert alongside the pristine beaches, and loved the absolutely perfect weather. Basically, we spent five days relaxing in paradise. It would have been four days, but we were delayed by October’s unexpected blizzard … one extra day by the pool was decadent and enjoyed by all!

 The sunsets and sunrises are incredibly beautiful, and the sunset catamaran trip around the tip of the Baja peninsula into the Pacific was breathtaking!  

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