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Last Friday I was able to get back on the football field to shoot our high school football team. Last year I was at every game to see my son play. This year, because of scheduling conflicts, I hadn’t been able to attend any games until last Friday. It was such a pleasure being on the field again, even though my son wasn’t playing. It did make me a tiny bit sad when a player ran onto the field wearing the number he wore last year, well maybe more nostalgic than sad. But it was great being on the sidelines, with the regulars there, along with the tension, action and screaming that is part of a football sideline. I enjoy hustling around trying to capture the plays and rooting when they do well. Our team had brand new jerseys to give them momentum for the big game. They didn’t fare too well in the end, but it was a good game!! And what would a football game be without the fabulous cheerleaders? And ours are fantastic. Go Wreckers!

SHS v NC_001 web

SHS v NC_002 web

SHS v NC_003 web

SHS v NC_004 web

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This week my son’s high school all-star rugby team played a team that was visiting from England – the Merchant Taylor School in the north of London. Rugby is a rough sport, but around the world it truly does encourage camaraderie amongst its players. Did you know the home team feeds all players after every game? This week we hosted two of the british players for two nights at our home. What a terrific experience for all involved! The boys were great guests and all were good sports. The rugby match was exciting and well played. The competition overflowed into the pool, video games and billiards as well! We loved the experience and would definitely do it again!

rugby 1 web

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What an incredible season our high school football team had! Ranked number 1 in the state and number 11 in the tri-state area (by MSG Varsity) and with an offense considered the best in the state, the expectations for our team were sky high. Our players and coaches were amazing in every way, from athletic ability to teamwork and spirit; they demonstrated what it means to be a great team.

Our regular season was extraordinary in every way. We won every regular season game, with an average score of 51-17 for the regular season. The team was 9-0 and clinched the conference championship on Thanksgiving Day. What a great day that was!! Smiles and cheering were all around, with awards presented and a bucket of Gatorade dumped over the coach in celebration.

Headed into the state championships we were favored and expectations were high. We won the quarterfinal game and were faced with another powerhouse team in the semis. Our boys played their hearts out in that great game. The game was close but unfortunately we did not win, an upset that was tough to take. I hope that the players, though, do not keep only this loss in their hearts and memories when they look back on their remarkable season. There are so many great times to remember and be proud of, which is what the season was about. I hope all of the players and coaches remember this season as an amazing achievement by a team to be proud of. Everyone on our team demonstrated a team spirit at all times on the field, from working their hardest to supporting and rooting for each other at every turn.

Being on the field taking pictures, I was lucky to be up close to the amazing athleticism demonstrated by our players. I just had to share some of the photos from the last game, which capture just a tiny glimpse of the effort demonstrated by our boys since September. Leaving that field for the last time was difficult, extremely so, particularly for seniors and their parents. I hope everyone associated with the team has a warm feeling about an incredible season filled with great memories. Wrecker Pride!
























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Have you ever seen a game of Rugby? If you ask most people around here, they have never seen a Rugby game, nor had I until my sons started playing for our High School’s team. It’s an exciting game to watch, and a tough sport!! The players are incredibly intense and physical on the field. I take pictures for our high school’s team and truly enjoy being on the sidelines with my camera. The boys work so hard and the games are very exciting!

Rugby was the origin for American football, so it has some similarities to that game, but also is similar to soccer in the pace of the game. Play continues even though the ball or player carrying the ball is down. There is no forward passing and no blocking, and it seems as if you can kick the ball whenever you want. These and a million other rules, known as ‘laws’ in rugby, make the game very different from football and very hard to know really well! There is plenty of tackling, but there are no helmets or pads. The only protection for the players are ‘scrum caps’ and mouth guards.  The boys do enjoy the camaraderie that rugby teaches them, both on and off the field.

This weekend I am travelling to visit my son and watch his college rugby team play, I can’t wait! Rugby players often continue playing the sport as adults and I anticipate my boys will as well. Below are some recent shots of our high school team. Notice the expressions on their faces, this game is intense!!!!

















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Everything doesn’t always turn out the way we’d like, but sometimes things come pretty close! This year the Staples High School Football team had a perfect record for the regular season, finishing 11-0 including a victory to become FCIAC Champs. Very impressive and an accomplishment of which they should be mighty proud! They had so many exciting games,  including several where they found themselves down and managed to play some amazing football and come back to win. Their passing and running games were great, and combined with their offensive line and defense that played amazingly well, they had a terrific season.

The team finished the season with a Conference Championship, ranked second in the state and faced the number one ranked team in the state finals on Saturday night. The boys were thrilled to be playing in the state championship and playing at UCONN’s stadium, talk about exciting! As they came on the field, we could feel the players’ excitement and anticipation for the game. Fans piled in on both sides of the stadium, thrilled to be there to support their teams (even in the freezing temperature).

While the outcome was not what the Wrecker fans hoped for, they watched as the team played their hearts out. The opponents played an unbelievable game, and managed to beat the Wreckers. Even with this loss, I hope the players take with them the memory of an amazing season! I loved being on the field photographing the games, it is a unique and interesting experience being down there. I loved these photos in black and white since the teams wore those colors and I love the ‘feel’ of them!






This has been such an exciting season for the Staples High School football team! The JV team went undefeated and the Varsity team is undefeated so far as well, including a victory over Greenwich to win the FCIAC Championship and yesterday’s victory over Newtown to clinch a spot in the finals next Saturday vs Xavier!

I love my role as team photographer! It’s exciting and fun to be on the field and up close to the plays. The sidelines have their own action and regular attendees, there’s a lot going on there as well as in the stands! The players amaze me every week with their athleticism and enthusiasm. The weather can be challenging, and sometimes I’m a little too close and have to run to avoid a tackle, which can be scary, but it has been such great experience! I can’t wait for next week and next year as well. Here are a few highlights from yesterday’s game… and of course a picture of Brian… Go Wreckers!!!

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