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With the most beautiful part of fall almost past us in this area, the potential subjects seemed fewer and fewer to me, being spoiled lately with all that beautiful color in the landscape. I felt I had missed the two best weeks of fall for various reasons, so I was frustrated with that as well. Since the light wasn’t the best at the time I was free, I really wasn’t sure what to photograph. I ventured out anyway, thinking in the back of my mind of black and white, which can give more latitude in subject matter for me. All the beautiful color isn’t necessary, and the removing of color results in a feeling that I just love, more mood than anything. Also, I am personally attracted to scenes that look ‘old,’ whether the photograph is weathered or the scene seems like something from the past, farmland, open fields, old barns, etc. that are hard to find in our developed area. These are some shots I took today that were changed to black and white and then toning was applied that I thought worked for them. Hope you like them too!

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