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This morning, I really didn’t have anything particular to post until I read a comment from friend of mine on my ‘Lights’ post. She mentioned that she loves reflections in water, and they definitely appeal to me as well. Couldn’t you just sit and stare at beautiful reflections in water? It is so relaxing. This got me thinking that the fall was a fabulous time, because of the beautiful colors, to shoot pictures of reflections in water and I had quite a few from this past season.  These shots are all from around Westport, some recognizable locations, and some abstract shots.

I suppose I need to get out and shoot more pictures now, but it’s much harder to get inspired with the landscape in the northeast right now. Maybe if we could get some snow I would get inspired to get outside!! Meanwhile, take a look back at the beautiful colors from this past fall.


Holiday lights always put me in a cheerful holiday mood. I had fun with my camera taking photos of the lights on our tree and around town. With the mild December we are having (scary… my bulbs are coming up!) I  didn’t mind heading out to take some pictures of the lights on the Saugatuck River. I should mention that I normally only put white lights on my tree, but this year my daughter won out with the colored lights, and I have to say they do make for better pictures! Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year to everyone reading my blog. Invite your friends!!

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