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Have you ever lost your motivation? I haven’t been posting or really taking many pictures lately, but today I decided to get out and shoot some images. It’s a rainy morning, but I decided to venture out and look around for something to catch my eye. Rain drops can be so interesting and pretty, especially when they reflect something. I was happy looking around for small droplets on my plants to focus on. Below are some fall-blooming daisies covered in rain drops. These are exactly as I found them in my garden. I hope you enjoy them!

rain_0301 web

rain_0311 web

rain_0225 web

rain_0283 web


More rain in New England this morning, so I had to go with pictures of raindrops! I do love pictures of raindrops up close, when they’re focused well, which can be challenging. To get the best focus, a tripod is really necessary when you’re up close. However, between the rain and everything else, I was too lazy to get the tripod out. But I was able to get a few shots of drops on flowers and buds in my yard. Sorry for the repeat of the hearts, but they were too pretty to pass up! Enjoy your day!






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