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I just love photographing families and children! It is so much fun making kids laugh, engage with each other and trying to capture their relationships. We had such a nice time taking these shots on this gorgeous but chilly fall day. The light and beautiful scenery of the fall makes it such a great time for family and kids photos. Send me an email at to schedule photos of your family and/or children!

D 2013_1 web

D 2013_2 web

D 2013_3 web

D 2013_4 web

D 2013_5 web

D 2013_6 web

D 2013_7 web


What fun shooting an adorable little 2 year old! Well fun, but not easy. It’s really hard to pin down a 2 year old for a good pose, so I followed her around trying out different spots and hoping for some good shots. This seems always to be my method with kids! She is too cute not to get a good photo, but there are certain characteristics that make up a good portrait, hopefully some of these fit that bill. 🙂

Lilah1_001 web

Lilah1_006 web

Lilah1_111 web

Lilah1_106 web

Lilah1_045 web

Lilah1_051 web

Lilah1_061 web

Lilah1_038 web

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