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Last weekend, after many visits to see our sons in New Orleans, we finally took one of the swamp tours that are so popular down there. I thought it was wonderful, mostly for the scenery and landscape, which is completely different from New England, but also for the alligators and other animals we saw. We went down a river and then into a bayou, all of which were beautiful. Everyone enjoyed watching the gators jump out of the water to grab food from the tour guide, they are powerful, scary animals!

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How can you not have fun in New Orleans? My friend asked me that today when I was telling her about my trip to New Orleans to visit my son at Tulane. I have to say that I totally agree with her! There is so much fun to be had there between the music, the culture and the food, that it is difficult to imagine being there without having an enjoyable time. A few weeks ago, several friends and I went down to visit my son and watch his Rugby game. The game turned out to be in Mississippi, so rather than miss the game, we planned a road trip, had a blast and got to enjoy the game. The best part of the trip, besides catching up with my friends who I don’t get to see often enough, was when my son kicked a field goal to win the game for Tulane over USM!! The last image below is of him kicking that field goal. The other photos are of the beautiful buildings in the French Quarter. The architecture is just gorgeous. There is so much to look at and enjoy there, I just can’t help loving that city. I hope my friends will go back with me very soon!








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