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The end of summer is never welcome for me, but I have to admit that September in New England is just beautiful. We’ve had some amazing weather, with clear, dark blue skies and gradually changing leaves. Yesterday a hike through Devil’s Den was a perfect way to spend a warm September afternoon. Fall colors are just starting to emerge!


fall_0114 web

fall_0089 web

fall_0103 web

fall_0081 web

fall_0093 web


So yes, I can’t help taking pictures of flowers! Shooting pictures and editing to look just right is so enjoyable to me. ¬†I love deciding which shots to take, what composition looks good and what and background works, especially the sharp flower with the soft background. That is my favorite. What is yours??

flowers2_022 web



flowers2_024 web



flowers2_032 web


flowers2_017 web


flowers2_045 web


flowers2_036 web


flowers2_058 web


flowers2_039 web



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Motivation hasn’t come my way lately as far as photography goes! I need to get myself outdoors with my camera. Here are some shots just from my gardens. Flowers are some of my favorite subjects, but I need to challenge myself a little more. Anyone want to go on a photography expedition?? ūüôā


flower1 web


flower2 web


flower5 web


flower6 web


flower3 web


flower7 web




A few more shots from my snow shoe hike in Colorado, these with camera movement. My goal with this technique is to show the subject differently, recognizable but with movement, while also having some sharpness in the image. The eye will always try and find something it can focus on, so I try and have that. Although a couple of these really don’t have any sharp spots. I love looking at an abstract take on nature. What do you think?

vail_ab8 c

vail_ab11 c

vail_ab9 2c

vail_ab3 c

vail_ab4 f c

vail_ab1 f c

vail_ab2 f c

vail_ab8a c

A trip to ski out west always has the potential for amazing images. If only I could ski with my good camera, that would be multitasking! I did get some interesting shots of the mountains in the distance with my iPhone. Maybe I’ll share those in another post. And maybe I’ll get a camera I can ski with because the views from the top of the mountain are just incredible! We had great weather and conditions, so much that I was way too tired to go out on my own with my camera ¬†before or after skiing all day.
I decided to go snow shoeing for some variety and as an opportunity for some photos. I also dragged two friends along with me on my adventure. We headed out with a guide near a small town called Minturn, Colorado. The hike on snow shoes at 8000 feet put us all to the test. Once we got our breathing mastered, we really enjoyed our outing. These images are from that hike. I miss the gorgeous scenery out there and look forward to returning!

vail_0007 c

vail_0004 c

vail_0172 c


vail_0011 c


vail_0165 c






vail_0022 c


vail_0173 c


vail_0142 c


vail_0239 c




The leaves are off of the trees here in New England, so even though things aren’t the most scenic, today’s sunny morning gave me the impetus to get outside and take some photos. Plus I haven’t been out just for the sake of photographing nature in some time, and I was itching to go. As I was trying to decide where to head, I realized that there is a huge wetland preserve right behind where we live that I really haven’t walked through. It’s probably too wet in the spring and summer, but now that the ground is almost frozen I thought I could walk through without sinking. It worked (mostly). Since the wetlands are not really the most scenic place, nor are they colorful right now or covered in snow, I thought I’d play with the images a bit. The first few are made by using ‘intentional camera movement’ as it is sometimes called, which is when you move the camera while pressing the shutter release. Then I worked on the color of the images in Photoshop to make them more visually interesting. Everything you see in these pictures are trees. This technique plus the processing kind of makes it look like the lower portion of the image is grass, but it is all trees. The last two are ¬†shots of the woods with some filters applied, but I like that sepia¬†coloring, it warms the image up from the dreary wintery look. Hope you are enjoying the end of 2012!

















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