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We just returned from a ski vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. From the airplane’s initial descent, we could see that it was a gorgeous spot. A large valley, where the town of Jackson is located, is surrounded by the incredible Teton mountains. The snow covered ground with the deep blue skies and snow capped mountains, was truly a sight to see. These shots were taken with my iPhone from the ski slopes, where the views were amazing!!

Jcksn Hole 011 web

Jcksn Hole 012 web

Jcksn Hole 162 web

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Last weekend, after many visits to see our sons in New Orleans, we finally took one of the swamp tours that are so popular down there. I thought it was wonderful, mostly for the scenery and landscape, which is completely different from New England, but also for the alligators and other animals we saw. We went down a river and then into a bayou, all of which were beautiful. Everyone enjoyed watching the gators jump out of the water to grab food from the tour guide, they are powerful, scary animals!

Swamp 017 web

Swamp 024 web

Swamp 027 web

Swamp 025 web

Swamp 048 web

Swamp 031 web


It always surprises me how beautiful Central Park is! I suppose since it’s in the middle of a bustling city, my expectations for beauty are low. But if you really walk through, there are so many pretty spots and gorgeous backgrounds. These images are from my walk through the park last week. Lots of trees and early spring plants were just starting to bloom. I’m looking forward to going back!

Central Park9 web

Central Park5 web

Centrak Park 1 web

Central Park6 web

Central Park8 web

Central Park2 web


The beautiful colors and scenes of autumn in the northeast lend themselves to myriad photographic opportunities. I’m sure you’ve seen your share of fall foliage images posted throughout the digital world, and I have posted quite a few images of my own savoring this short but pretty time of year. Here are some abstracts, which you know by now if you read my blog, that I just adore. The feel and the color just appeal to me. I hope you enjoy them as well!

devilsden_0127 web

devilsden_0338 web

devilsden_0198 web

devilsden_0620 web

devilsden_0577 web


Today I just had to head out this absolutely spectacular fall day. We have had so many lately, what a treat this fall has been! Today was warm, sunny and the sky was a clear, dark blue. Fall will soon be past us, so I really enjoyed taking in all of the beautiful colors. The paths through the nature preserve where I hiked today were just so pretty. Hope you enjoyed your day!!

devilsden_0005 web

devilsden_0047-2 web

devilsden_0019 web

devilsden_0427 web

devilsden_0404 web

devilsden_0361 web

devilsden_0385 web


There is something visually pleasing looking along a fence. Especially when the fence is bordering a pretty farm on a picturesque fall day. These images bring up many memories of growing up with my cousins and squeezing through or walking along these very fences, with cows or horses in the fields they separate. The animals aren’t around anymore but the fields and views are just as beautiful as they ever were.

Fence9 web

Fence7 web


Fence8 web

Fence5 web

Fence4 web

Fence3 web

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My new occasional hobby is taking photos with my iPhone while on a plane. The trouble is that I’m a rule follower and the rules are that phones are to be turned off during take-off and landing. Oh, and did I mention that I’m a bit of a nervous flyer? So when they say turn off your electronics, I’d like passengers to actually do that. Except, I want to take some photos.. and the best times are during take off and landing, when everything is to be off. So sometimes I’ll put my iPhone on airplane mode and take a few shots if the skies are cooperating. These are from a recent flight when we were landing at Laguardia. My issue with these plane shots is they’re not the best clarity since they are through a window. But the view cannot be beaten! My favorites are the shots of the Verrazano bridge.

plane1 c


plane2 c

plane4 c


plane3 c

plane6 c


plane5 c



Yesterday I decided it was time to get out and take some nature shots! I haven’t really been outside lately shooting apart from my son’s football games. Letting the fall pass by without getting out to appreciate its color and beauty really is not an option for me. I have to spend the next few weeks getting myself outside, appreciating and documenting this beautiful New England season. Here are some shots from a local nature preserve. I didn’t have a lot of time to hike around, but enjoyed the time I had. As always the abstracts are my favorites. They may all look so similar to you but to me each is so different! Enjoy your fall!









What a treat to be at the top of a mountain gazing across a mountain range! It is always breathtaking and inspiring. This past July I was fortunate to be at Whistler Mountain resort for several days. I have been skiing out west many times and have enjoyed the gorgeous views from atop mountains in Colorado and Utah, but had not been to Whistler. What a treat to be at another beautiful mountain, and at the top in the summer. I decided to trek to the top via gondola while the rest of my family was zip-lining. I just knew it was going to be beautiful up there and worth the trip, especially when I saw the map of hiking trails at the top. The view was just gorgeous and I enjoyed my morning hiking around and taking pictures. You may be familiar with the unique ‘peak to peak’ gondola there which runs 11 miles from Blackomb Mountain to Whistler Mountain. I was brave enough to take the regular gondola up and down alone, but did not venture onto the ‘peak to peak’ …. too high and scary for me. The images would probably have been amazing, but not worth a panic attack. That same evening we had an event back at the top, so we all took the gondola up to watch the sunset and have dinner. There was a slight problem when a lightening storm rolled in and the gondola was shut down, but we all managed to travel down safely by bus or pitch-black gondola. What an adventure we all had!












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