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Happy New Year! I took some slow shutter speed shots of the ocean from my recent trip to Florida. I was excited to use my new camera, so I thought I would break it in on location, toes in the sand, photographing the Atlantic Ocean… my favorite place! The first 3 are using a slow shutter speed with my new camera, and the last 2 are using the show shutter app on my iphone. I like the painterly effect it provides! What do you think?

fl beach_0003-2 web

fl beach_0033 web

fl beach_0039 web-2

iphone1 web

iphone3 web


This past weekend I was lucky to take some senior photos of our niece who lives in Florida. It was a nice evening and she, her sister and I went for a walk around a golf course to find some good spots for posing. I was a little nervous, but I think she looks absolutely gorgeous. I hope she likes them as well!!


Ashley 1 c


Ashley 7 c


Ashley 4 c


Ashley 9 c


Ashley 5 c


Ashley 6 c


Ashley 3 c


Ashley 2 c




Another beautiful beach location from our recent trip to the east coast of Florida. It’s so cold here now that I’m loving working on the shots from our trip. Piers make great photographic subjects, especially when there are waves crashing around them. In the first image, I captured some people walking while using a slow shutter speed; an effect which I like. Enjoy the shots!


Pier1 web

pier4 web


pier7 web


pier9 web

pier10 web


pier5 web


pier11 web



Happy New Year! We have just returned from Florida where we were lucky to enjoy beautiful warm weather and visit with family. Of course I spent time outside with my camera photographing the beach, both at sunrise and during the day. I often think about how to  interpret things differently, including my favorite subject, the beach. I did do some camera movement, which, if you have read my blog before, you know is one of my favorite techniques. I then did some out-of-focus shots after the sun came up. What do you think??


abstractsunrise5 web

abstractsunrise4 web

abstractsunrise3 web

abstractsunrise1 web

abstractsunrise6 web

abstractsunrise7 web

abstractsunrise8 web



















What do yoy think of black and white photography? Many of my photographs I have processed into black and white. I haven’t posted many of them here yet, but I suppose I will! I do love black and white photos and I am enrolling in a black and white class starting today, so I plan to have many more over the next month. The winter, to me, definitely lends itself to black and white shooting. Many times when I am out shooting, I’ll take pictures knowing they will be better in black and white. I always take the actual photos in color because Photoshop gives so many more options for post-processing in black and white if the original image is in color. I have fun playing with the shots and changing their look by altering the different colors.

The beach isn’t something I usually think of for black and white photos, but two of these were originally in my mind for black and white, including the lifeguard station. Sometimes the photo just seems ‘messy’ to me and I know I won’t like it until its changed to b & w. Hope you like them too!


Sleep in or wake up early? What a question to have to ask on vacation! Of course sleeping in is preferable, right? We tend to think, oh, just let me get rested while I’m away, no need to get up early. But, then the tradeoff… missing beautiful shots of the sunrise. Maybe next year on vacation we’ll stay on a west-facing beach. 🙂 So while we were in Florida last week, I set my alarm for 6:30 one morning. When my alarm whent off, I jumped up to see what it looked like out our hotel window. The sky was dark red over the ocean, just beautiful. I had to get up! I got dressed in the pitch black (couldn’t even tell what I was putting on!) and headed out to get some shots of the sunrise. I loved being out there almost alone (yes some other crazy people were already out at 6:30). It was so peaceful and beautiful. Here are some of my shots. The lifeguard chair was the first thing I saw as I headed out. Who could resist that shot?

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