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Well I just had to post some fireworks pictures! Our town has a great night for the fireworks each year on the beach with a barge just off-shore from which the fireworks are launched. We just love this evening of relaxing on the beach with friends and then watching the beautiful display. And I enjoy the challenge of getting some good shots, which is a combination of a little knowledge and a lot of luck. This year I tried something new and you’ll see some interesting looks to a couple shots. The last one is a view from my spot. Happy Independence Day!

fireworks1 web


fireworks3 web

fireworks4 web

fireworks5 copy

fireworks7 web

fireworks9 web

fireworks6 web


One of our favorite nights of the year is when our town puts on the fireworks at the beach. A beautiful spot, gorgeous evenings and lots of fun with friends makes for a great night. I could have been a little closer to the water to get better foregrounds in the shots, but these are a few of my favorite shots anyway. Hope you get to enjoy some fireworks as well!




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