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My new occasional hobby is taking photos with my iPhone while on a plane. The trouble is that I’m a rule follower and the rules are that phones are to be turned off during take-off and landing. Oh, and did I mention that I’m a bit of a nervous flyer? So when they say turn off your electronics, I’d like passengers to actually do that. Except, I want to take some photos.. and the best times are during take off and landing, when everything is to be off. So sometimes I’ll put my iPhone on airplane mode and take a few shots if the skies are cooperating. These are from a recent flight when we were landing at Laguardia. My issue with these plane shots is they’re not the best clarity since they are through a window. But the view cannot be beaten! My favorites are the shots of the Verrazano bridge.

plane1 c


plane2 c

plane4 c


plane3 c

plane6 c


plane5 c



Have you ever wanted to photograph something but could never seem to find a great spot? I see beautiful shots of so many amazing places and sometimes wonder if I’ll ever be able to find spots to capture such images. Maybe I’m not willing to go out of the way to get to the best locations, or maybe I just don’t work hard enough to search out where the best places are. Sometimes, though, a great spot will come right upon you. That’s what happened when we approached the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver this past July. My husband, son and I headed out on a bike ride around Stanley park. Beautiful views of the harbor and mountains surrounded us as we pedaled along on a gorgeous sunny day. They were both patient as I kept stopping to photograph different scenes along the way. But when we came right under the bridge, I told them to go on ahead because I needed a few minutes to get the shots I wanted. It’s not often that you find yourself directly under a suspension bridge! Or at least I don’t. The bridge was beautiful from afar, but my favorite shots are the ones from directly underneath. Maybe because they are more graphic or because they are just more unusual, whatever it is, they are my favorites. Maybe I need to head out and find more bridges to photograph. 🙂









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