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I hadn’t taken any abstract photos in quite a while, so that’s what was on my mind yesterday. I went to my favorite spot, the beach, to see what I could get. Photos of the ocean and beach are so peaceful and serene to me, I just love looking at them and taking them. However, in the bright daylight it’s actually really hard to see what you’re getting, especially with this technique. So I really didn’t know how they would turn out…. unusual in these days of constantly checking the on-camera screen. Particularly hard to see was the last image of sailboats, which was really light in camera. Maybe its a little too abstract? More than my usual for sure. I wanted to take photograph the Kayak racks that are always there, but don’t look so great in a regular picture. Abstracted, I think they look really cool and I love the colors. Luckily because of the rain earlier in the day, there really weren’t many people around, and none in my shots!








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