Last Friday I was able to get back on the football field to shoot our high school football team. Last year I was at every game to see my son play. This year, because of scheduling conflicts, I hadn’t been able to attend any games until last Friday. It was such a pleasure being on the field again, even though my son wasn’t playing. It did make me a tiny bit sad when a player ran onto the field wearing the number he wore last year, well maybe more nostalgic than sad. But it was great being on the sidelines, with the regulars there, along with the tension, action and screaming that is part of a football sideline. I enjoy hustling around trying to capture the plays and rooting when they do well. Our team had brand new jerseys to give them momentum for the big game. They didn’t fare too well in the end, but it was a good game!! And what would a football game be without the fabulous cheerleaders? And ours are fantastic. Go Wreckers!

SHS v NC_001 web

SHS v NC_002 web

SHS v NC_003 web

SHS v NC_004 web

SHS v NC_005 web

SHS v NC_006 web

SHS v NC_007 web

SHS v NC_008 web

SHS Cheer v NC_096 web

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