While we were in Montreux, Switzerland, we toured a castle that was just around the lake from where we were staying. It was a lovely walk or bike ride along the water to get there. Chillon Castle is located right on the lake, literally. As a matter of fact, one of the original ‘latrines’ inside the castle was positioned directly over the water! It was chilly when we were there and I couldn’t help imagining how cold it was for the royals who lived there all year long. And for the prisoners kept in the basement chained to one spot. It is beautifully preserved because, while they had a variety of preparations for inavasion, it was never attacked!






















4 Responses to “Chillon Castle”

    • abook

      Thanks for sending that along! We did hear lots of stories about the prisoners during our tour, and I think Byron’s name was carved into a pillar in the basement where the prisoners were kept. It is scary imagining being chained to a pole down there, freezing cold and hungry!


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