A trip to ski out west always has the potential for amazing images. If only I could ski with my good camera, that would be multitasking! I did get some interesting shots of the mountains in the distance with my iPhone. Maybe I’ll share those in another post. And maybe I’ll get a camera I can ski with because the views from the top of the mountain are just incredible! We had great weather and conditions, so much that I was way too tired to go out on my own with my camera  before or after skiing all day.
I decided to go snow shoeing for some variety and as an opportunity for some photos. I also dragged two friends along with me on my adventure. We headed out with a guide near a small town called Minturn, Colorado. The hike on snow shoes at 8000 feet put us all to the test. Once we got our breathing mastered, we really enjoyed our outing. These images are from that hike. I miss the gorgeous scenery out there and look forward to returning!

vail_0007 c

vail_0004 c

vail_0172 c


vail_0011 c


vail_0165 c






vail_0022 c


vail_0173 c


vail_0142 c


vail_0239 c



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