The sky is so beautiful before the sun rises. It’s dark and early, but the rich, saturated colors just above the waterline are just too much to resist photographing. You have to hope the morning you choose is a colorful one if you’re venturing out. Cloudy and gray would be disappointing after the early alarm. (Sunsets are so much more civilized to photograph!) Of course the sun rising is amazing to watch. And it happens so fast. Then a few minutes later it’s bright outside, the saturated colors are gone, and the whole thing is pretty much over. Usually all well worth it!

flocean1 web

b4sun7 web

b4sun11 web

b4sun2 web

b4sun4 web

b4sun6 web

b4sun5 web

2 Responses to “Before the Sunrise”

  1. sunsetseasoul

    Gorgeous shots! I love how blue the ocean is, it’s not so blue where I live, more like dark green. Usually when I shoot a sunrise I tend to go back to bed afterwards, that way I don’t regret setting the alarm if the sky is overcast :).


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