I just love living in a town that is on the water! As you may know from previous blog posts, I adore heading to the beach for photo ops. I actually love going to the beach all times of year, but of course the summer is the best (and my favorite season). Whether it’s relaxing on the beach, taking our boat out or having a meal overlooking the water, my favorite place is outside near the sound, river or a lake.

I was having fun using Photoshop effects on some images I took on a few different local beaches the other day. It was a super hot, great beach day, but there still weren’t many people hanging out on the beach, which actually suits my purposes rather well. A few people can make a shot interesting, a crowd, not so much, at least for what I like to shoot! Hope you’re enjoying your summer!









2 Responses to “Beachy Summer Shots”

  1. Debbie Sandherr

    Just wonderfully beautiful and creative shots April! You are very talented honey;) luv m hvugs


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