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Just one last post from our trip to Northern Ireland. We stayed in a quaint little town called Newcastle. It was set on the Irish Sea with a beautiful crescent shaped shoreline and adorable little town. The first day we arrived I just had to take a walk and explore this beautiful spot. Luckily the rain cleared up for my walk, but because it was just clearing, I saw two beautiful rainbows. We actually saw several rainbows and had two hail storms while we were there. The hail we could do without, but the rainbows over the sea were gorgeous! The town of Newcastle was just darling, with smoke coming from the chimneys of homes with thatched roofs. Right along the promenade was this completely modern bridge; what a contrast to the old-fashioned town. I just loved it there!

We did get to visit Dublin as well, but because of the short stay there and the large amount of rain, I didn’t get many photos outside of the Guinness factory! From what I saw, Northern Ireland was much more picturesque. I’ll have to go back and see more!!!









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