What a beautiful place Northern Ireland is! I thought the Irish Sea and its coastal villages were breathtaking. While we were staying in the town of Newcastle, I attended a photography workshop with a local photographer, Martin Spence, whose landscapes are just gorgeous (you can google him and see his work). He took us to 2 beautiful spots and gave us tips on shooting landscapes, helped us set up our shots, showed us some filters, lots of great information. It was a wonderful morning to walk around, take in the beautiful surroundings and photograph them as well. And after our photography lesson, we went back to the spa at our hotel, which was totally awesome as well. All around a great day. I just loved it there and would definitely go back. Since we were mostly on the coast and in 2 cities I would love to get out to the countryside and photograph some fields and sheep!










9 Responses to “Beautiful Northern Ireland”

  1. Angela Nolan

    Can you take me with you on your next trip?…I’d love to sit & admire the fields & sheep….from a nice country pub!

  2. Diana Ruddick

    These photos really make me what to go to Northern Ireland — can you believe I’ve never been, in all the trips I’ve made to the Republic? What a great way to make memories — taking a class in the field! Your photos are a gift to me!

    • abook810

      Thanks, Diana! You are so sweet for saying that. And I can’t believe you haven’t been to Northerin Ireland, I guess that will someday be a new destination for you!


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