Last week I was fortunate enough to travel to the beautiful countries of Ireland and Northern Ireland, neither of which I had visited previously. We started out in Belfast, and stayed in Newcastle at a beautiful old Hotel overlooking the Irish Sea. After 2 days there, we were to drive from Northern Ireland  to Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. We asked our driver if we could see a castle during the trip. He was willing, he said, but there weren’t any real castles on the way. However, he did take us to see the ruins of a castle, which was beautiful. The Dundrum Castle was built (according to an engraved stone on the site) in 1180. It was wonderful to walk the grounds, take in all the gorgeous surroundings and imagine what life was like when the royal families lived there. Not only were the remaining sections of the former castle interesting, the view of the ocean and mountains was exquisite. What a beautiful place!

7 Responses to “Ancient Irish Castle”

  1. Lois

    Dundrum! I have only been there once but it made such an impression on me, beautiful indeed!

  2. Martin Spence

    These are a lovely representation of the area. I have never visited that castle, I must call past it.

    Did u get any photos in Dublin?


  3. Celeste

    just saw these, they are breath taking! They’re so clear and well framed they could be postcards.


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