Have you ever tried to get something from nothing? Or something from very little? That’s what I tried today. I was in the mood to take pictures, but I wasn’t sure of what. My go-to place is always the nearby beach or river, but still I was having trouble being inspired. I need to venture to some new locations, but that wasn’t happening today. So I headed to a small beach close by which has a stream as you approach it. It wasn’t a great time of day, nor is it the most beautiful scenery at this time of year. It’s doubtful that anyone would stop and photograph this place just now, it just doesn’t look great. But I knew I could work on the images when I got home. That’s where the something from nothing comes in. I shot a lot of images, and if I were braver or thought anyone really would care, I’d post an original shot here. But through the magic of Photoshop, I was able to turn those not-so-good-looking raw files into images that I actually like. The first one is my favorite. So yes, I think I got something from very little today!!

3 Responses to “Something from nothing?”

  1. dianakate525

    You have such a good eye, and the first one is my favorite too, though I like all of them. They look like paintings!


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