It’s been a week of dreary weather here in the northeast. However, we were seriously in need of rain, so there really isn’t any complaining, just a little desire to see the sun! I thought some soft pink roses might provide some cheer amidst the gloomy skies. I love the feel of images of flowers that are soft, which is what I tried to do with these. I did add some filters to add additional softness and texture. Let me know how you like them!








3 Responses to “Soft Pink Roses on a Gloomy Day”

  1. Diana Ruddick

    You really captured the softness and delicacy of these roses, and in the first one the subtle tones of pink are just beautiful. When I looked at these photos I could actually smell the flowers! Thanks for brightening this gloomy day.

  2. celeste

    BEAUTIFUL! The contrast of light and dark is wonderful! Thanks for sharing on this gloomy day xoxo


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