Yes, these photos are of a cactus plant! I had fun shooting lots of pictures of it and these are a few of my favorites. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know that I really love abstract photography. There is something about abstract photos that is unique and makes the mind work to process what they are. Or not decipher what the photo is, but just look and appreciate the colors and movement in the shot. I do like strong colors in my photos (when they’re not black and white), so I try and process them to take advantage of the colors that were in the original shot. Especially with abstract images, for me a variety of colors and high contrast enhances their look. To make these images, I move the camera while I’m shooting. But for me to like the image, even though they do contain some blur, there has to be some crispness, some area of clarity. Totally blurry doesn’t work for me, although I do see images that other people take that I appreciate even though they are all blur.

All of these images are of a cactus plant that I saw on the hike up Piestewa Peak in Phoenix. In one image I altered the color to more red and oranges to make it different from the others. I do like the curved one because your eye really can’t tell how prickly the original plant was! It was not a cactus that you would choose to touch or get too close to, but for photographing, it worked well!

5 Responses to “Looks soft, but it’s prickly!”

  1. Diana Ruddick

    April, these are really interesting, and I’d never know they were cacti if you hadn’t revealed that. I love the way you pushed the colors in the first one especially.

  2. Steven Tze

    Very cool. I’ve tried my hand at moving the camera while shooting a couple of times and it didn’t turn out all that great. These, on the other hand, are great! You’ve got patterns and structure going even with the blur.

  3. celeste

    I somehow missed these. They are impressive, and I think i can actually make out the frist two types of cactus.


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