This is what our guide said to us as we approached the top of Piestewa Peak in Phoenix, Arizona.  As we started out that beautiful morning, I realized the hike was more challenging than I expected, especially since I was carrying a backpack of camera equipment. The trail turned out to be really steep and rocky, but the scenery and morning sunshine were beautiful. Along the way to the top were benches where people would stop and catch their breath or take a sip of water.  I would try and snap a few shots of the view at these spots, while saying hello to the locals who hike there every morning.

When we reached the last bench before the top (80 percent of the 1.2 miles, according to our guide) he decided to inform us that people sometimes get panic attacks from this point up. The trail becomes much more steep, which isn’t appealing on the way up or back down. Well, I said, I’ll just wait here for you to climb up and meet me here on your way back down. I really didn’t want to experience a panic attack, which I have had in the past, and I was dying to have a few minutes to take some more pictures. Until this point, I had felt really rushed trying to snap anything at all. So, all in all a good hike even though I didn’t go all the way to the top, and here are some more of my shots. Most of these are from the 80% point (and so are the plants from yesterday’s post)… I’m glad I stayed there!