Have you ever had something you love to do, and even though you found it fulfilling and enjoyable sometimes still couldn’t get yourself motivated? That’s how I’ve felt with my photography over the past month or so. Maybe nothing was visually inspiring to me (where was all of our snow??) or I just couldn’t get myself out to shoot pictures. Whatever the reason, I got motivated again on a recent trip to Phoenix. The scenery and landscape there are so different than in the Northeast where I live. As soon as I arrived, I knew I just had to get out and take lots of pictures, and in particular hike up a peak that I could see from the airport. As usual, when I’m presented with an opportunity, I took many, many shots, but it never feels like enough! I wanted to get out again, but didn’t have a chance.

I hiked up Piestewa Peak, which was right near where we were staying. It was a challenging but fun hike, and the view going up was just beautiful. There were so many people who do this hike every morning for exercise (1.2 miles to the top). What an incredibly beautiful place to have your morning workout!! Certainly beats any gym!  I took a break along the way to take some shots of the view and of the plant life growing around us. I’ll save the shots of the view for my next post and describe where I was when I took the shots and why. Until then, here are some of the plants and flowers that caught my eye along the way. Even that dry landscape can produce some beautiful and interesting flowers and berries!


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