I think HDR processing of photos makes them look so interesting. Not many of my photos have been processed using HDR (High Dynamic Range), but I have been wanting to try it out. There are many photos out there that are obviously processed using HDR techniques and I think they look amazing. If you aren’t familiar with HDR, it basically makes a photo have an increased level of detail and range of highlights and shadows. Many HDR photos are created my merging together 3, 5 or 7 photos of differing exposures (I just figured out that it doesn’t have to be, though, what a discovery!). Each of these pictures below is a combination of 5 shots, which are exactly the same composition but different exposures. Perhaps these are over-processed, which gives them that ‘extreme’ look. I wouldn’t use this on all of my pictures, but it was fun creating these. I think they almost have a ‘cartoony’ look. Except the purplish one, I think that one looks the most realistic. What do you think of this look?

7 Responses to “Sunset HDR”

  1. Adriane Sherman

    Hey, April! It’s Adriane. I love them, especially the 2nd one. You have to show me how to do this…very artistic. Nature with a twist – love it!

  2. Sharon Scioli

    BLOWN AWAY at the first three !!!!!
    WOW!!! so much movement in a still picture!!!!!!
    xo Sharon

  3. Sharon Scioli

    I consider your arty meditation therapy I’m supposed to be doing.
    So I will need a note in may from you stating my meditating !!!!!!
    Xo sharpn

      • Sharon Scioli

        April, too many typos on the last comment. Supposed to have said that I consider your art my meditation therapy I’m supposed to be doing! And that I will need a note stating that I’m doing my meditation!

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