Did you ever look at a photo and wonder how someone got their picture to look like that? Well I look at photos and think that a lot! Whether it’s the color, texture, or overall feel of the picture, sometimes I just think I can’t get my pictures to look just the way I want. (Those are not the pictures you see here!! :)) I have taken my share of Photoshop classes (still need to learn more) but that doesn’t always do it. Sometimes I discover that it is a filter that makes a picture look so good. Filters are generally created by other people, they are for sale and used to enhance pictures in post-processing. I recently discovered a new set of filters called ‘Flypaper’ that are very interesting. I took some of my pictures from the fall and used a few Flypaper filters on them. These are pictures that I originally was not happy with but had saved anyway, so I didn’t mind changing them and hoping for the best.  I liked the results with the filters. I think they have an ‘old’ feel to them. What do you think?

6 Responses to “Fun With Filters”

  1. Kaya

    These are absolutely outstanding pictures! It is pure joy to look at them. They are breathtaking!!!!

    Greetings from Kaya.

  2. obrienspix

    I don’t know anything about filters except what you just posted here, but really like the look of these.

  3. Diana Ruddick

    I especially like the bottom one, but all of them are really interesting. I’m really enjoying seeing your work! I feel like I know absolutely zero about taking memorable photos, but yours are really inspiring.

  4. Sharon Scioli

    Yes, I do feel the aged feeling, yet warmth.
    My fav is the 3rd one because WE ALL HAVE TAKEN THAT KNOWN AND UNKNOWN ROAD!!!!
    xo sharon


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