So yes, right now I’m supposed to be watching football playoffs! But, until I get some company in the family room (my son), I’m working on these pictures. I’ll catch the second half of the first game and watch all of the next game rooting for the GIANTS!!

Anyway, today was just too cold and gloomy to go outside and take snowy shots. It was too tempting to stay inside and be warm. So I did, and I played with some macro shots of a beautiful Calla Lily plant I bought the other day. These blossoms are just so beautiful to photograph. Their curved lines just lend themselves to up-close shots. It was honestly  hard to choose whether to post them in color or black and white, they look so pretty either way. I hope you enjoy them in black and white, which I chose since that’s what I’m working on in the class I”m taking right now. What do you think??

Off to make a fire and watch the games!! Go big blue!







6 Responses to “Beautiful Calla Lillies”

  1. Diana Ruddick

    I love the way they look in B&W. They have sort of a metallic look, and you can appreciate the lines without getting hung up in the color.

  2. Sharon Scioli

    April, hands down b&w !!!
    I’m with Diana, the lines are so much more prevalent !!!!!!
    They are a SURPRISE to see, yet so calming!!
    THANK you for this free therapy !!! Ha!
    Xo Sharon


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