I have two bunches of beautiful tulips which were brought to my daughter and me by a friend last weekend. I wanted to photograph them, but in the past I have had trouble getting shots of tulips that interest me. They have all seemed, I would say, regular. (I have seen other people’s that I like, but none of my own.) So that got me thinking about what else I could do with these tulips, so I did some movement of the camera during the shooting. To me, these are not at all ‘regular.’ I think that’s what appeals to me about abstract photos in general. They make you think a little, figure it out, process what exactly is in the image. I have tried to figure out  what it is that draws me to this type of photography and that’s the closest I can come. Abstract photos are interesting, unusual, and not what you see as you look around your world.

I’ve never done a shot of flowers indoors with camera movement before, this was my first attempt. I think the lines of the tulip leaves especially, and the blossoms as well, lend themselves to this technique. Because of the curved lines in the leaf, the last shot is my favorite. What do you think??

8 Responses to “Tulips Abstracted”

  1. Sharon Scioli

    Ok , in a nutshell, very Monetish and calming.
    My fav hands down is the first one. Lots of subtle movement !ts just a WOW!!!!!

  2. abook810

    Thanks for ALL of your comments, Sharon! I love them and truly appreciate your taking the time out to look at my images and let me know how you feel about them!


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