What do yoy think of black and white photography? Many of my photographs I have processed into black and white. I haven’t posted many of them here yet, but I suppose I will! I do love black and white photos and I am enrolling in a black and white class starting today, so I plan to have many more over the next month. The winter, to me, definitely lends itself to black and white shooting. Many times when I am out shooting, I’ll take pictures knowing they will be better in black and white. I always take the actual photos in color because Photoshop gives so many more options for post-processing in black and white if the original image is in color. I have fun playing with the shots and changing their look by altering the different colors.

The beach isn’t something I usually think of for black and white photos, but two of these were originally in my mind for black and white, including the lifeguard station. Sometimes the photo just seems ‘messy’ to me and I know I won’t like it until its changed to b & w. Hope you like them too!

5 Responses to “Florida Beaches in B & W”

  1. Angela Nolan

    Fabulous picture’s April! Quite stunning! Good luck with your B&W course! Angela

  2. Stacey

    April- These pictures are truly stunning. I love the warmth of black and white photos.

  3. KatiesCameraBlog

    I love black and white, and these are really nice examples of what photos look good in black and white. I think it can be overdone and not done well at times though. Not yours! 🙂 I love these images!


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