Everything doesn’t always turn out the way we’d like, but sometimes things come pretty close! This year the Staples High School Football team had a perfect record for the regular season, finishing 11-0 including a victory to become FCIAC Champs. Very impressive and an accomplishment of which they should be mighty proud! They had so many exciting games,  including several where they found themselves down and managed to play some amazing football and come back to win. Their passing and running games were great, and combined with their offensive line and defense that played amazingly well, they had a terrific season.

The team finished the season with a Conference Championship, ranked second in the state and faced the number one ranked team in the state finals on Saturday night. The boys were thrilled to be playing in the state championship and playing at UCONN’s stadium, talk about exciting! As they came on the field, we could feel the players’ excitement and anticipation for the game. Fans piled in on both sides of the stadium, thrilled to be there to support their teams (even in the freezing temperature).

While the outcome was not what the Wrecker fans hoped for, they watched as the team played their hearts out. The opponents played an unbelievable game, and managed to beat the Wreckers. Even with this loss, I hope the players take with them the memory of an amazing season! I loved being on the field photographing the games, it is a unique and interesting experience being down there. I loved these photos in black and white since the teams wore those colors and I love the ‘feel’ of them!





4 Responses to “Fantastic Wreckers Football”

  1. Georgiana Platt

    I love these! Can’t wait to see the rest. Notice the “face mask” move against #25! Such wonderful photos, April. Thank you, for doing this.


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