We all have our memories from holidays celebrated while growing up, many associated with warm, wonderful feelings. Such are the memories I have toward the holidays I shared with my extended family over the years. As a child, my family’s holidays always included travelling to visit our extended family, most of whom lived in Connecticut, which was quite a journey from our home in southern New Jersey. My sisters and I always enjoyed the trip, despite the many hours in the car, mostly because we had a multitude of cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles to visit when we arrived.

It wasn’t only our family members that made the trip such a great experience for us, though, it was also the farm on which my grandparents lived. The whole place – beautiful farmland, country living, farm life – was so completely different from what we experienced in our daily lives, that it made the whole place like a wonderland for us. We shared so many wonderful times together on the farm, playing, helping, creating, laughing, fighting, too many memories to mention!

Perhaps I’ll elaborate more in another posting, but for now, with Thanksgiving approaching, I have been thinking about my childhood holidays. I took these pictures of the farm last summer when I first started learning about photography. I loved going to the barn as a kid, loved being there while the cows were being milked, and especially loved feeding the calves! There are no more cows being milked there, but I do plan on going back and shooting more pictures. Meanwhile, some photos of Chuck Hill Farm… my childhood holiday destination!

6 Responses to “Chuck Hill Farm”

  1. Verna Krider

    So nice to read your memories of your childhood and young adulthood. Your grandparents would enjoy this so much 🙂

  2. Sharon Scioli

    April, in this series it brings me to Tuscany, which is where my passion and heritage is !!!!
    This is what’s so fascinating about photography : same photo, but at least 1000 different interpretations to 1000 different people !


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