Anyone reading this probably knows that I have been interested in and learning about photography over the past year or so. I love looking at beautiful photos and I love taking photos. I spend a lot of my time reading about photography, learning about photography, taking pictures and editing them. Lately I have been contemplating what to ‘do’ with my photos, and after reading through many blogs and websites, I decided maybe it was time to create my own blog. What will it be? I will share photos and thoughts on things that catch my eye, whether random or planned. There will be lots of shots of nature and my family, which seem to be my primary subjects. I enjoy the challenge of being creative and sharing my work and ideas. I also value feedback, so please feel free to comment on my posts and photos!

Oh and the address of my blog, it’s long and it’s my maiden name. Sorry it’s so hard to spell, you’ll just have to bookmark me! Getting a blog name was not that easy for me since my name is basically two nouns, neither of which in any combination or together with ‘photography’ were available for use as a blog name! So I’m using my maiden name. Book or Lavallee, it’s still me.

Hope you enjoy my blog!

10 Responses to “Welcome to my new blog”

  1. Charlie

    Have always enjoyed your pictures! Love the nature pictures for screen savers and wallpaper. Keep those beautiful images coming!!

  2. Lisa

    So excited for you…you are so talented and now everyone will be able to see xoxo

  3. ericad

    This is so exciting… can’t wait to see all that you are doing!!!
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Jules & Jake…
    xo Erica


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